Acid Storage Cabinets

4-Gal Acid/Corrosive Poly Manual-1 Door Cabinet $228.97 12-Gal Acid/Corrosive Poly Manual-1 Door Cabinet $251.97 24-Gal Acid/Corrosive Poly Manual-1 Door Cabinet $502.97 48-Gal Acid/Corrosive Poly Manual-1 Door Cabinet $914.97


4 gallon acid cabinet
Item AM04CRAE 4 Gallon
4 gallon acid cabinet
Item AM12CRAE 12 Gallon
24 gallon acid cabinet
Item AM24CRAE 24 Gallon
48 gallon acid cabinet
Item AM48CRAE 48 Gallon

Do you have sulphuric, hydrochloric or nitric acids at your facility? These types of acids are not recommended for storage in steel safety cabinets.

The solution is our non-metallic poly acid storage cabinets made with high density polyethylene.

New Easy to Assemble Modular Poly Cabinets. No Tools Needed
Our poly acid storage cabinets now come unassembled to save on shipping. View this video to see how easy they are to assemble.

Important Features
Besides being easy to assemble and saving you money on shipping, these acid safety cabinets are heavy duty 100% HDPE construction. Doors can be assembled to open to the left or right and are lockable. Shelves are heavy duty also and can be adjusted. With a sealed internal containment sump and 2 inch poly vents with caps storing acid is no longer a worry.

Large Selection of Sizes
Polyethylene acid storage cabinets made to provide excellent resistance to harmful vapors and spills. These safety cabinets are available in 4 gallon bench-top size in five different colors, 12 gallon size cabinets in five different colors, 24 gallon size in two colors which can be assembled vertical or horizontal and a 48 gallon model in blue or white. See videos on vertical set-up or horizontal set-up.

Acid Dangers
Due to the danger of having acids on site, procedures should be written as what to do in case of a spillage, fire or medical emergency. Sulfuric acid is a strong dehydration agent and is very slippery if spilled. Hydrochloric acid has the same corrosive properties as sulfuric and its vapors are very strong and harmful.

Nitric acid is also very corrosive and its vapors are poisonous. Nitric acid and sulfuric acids should not be stored together.

An important part of any safety plan concerning acids should be the proper storage. Our polyethylene acid storage cabinets allow for safe storage and ensure better control and inventory of acids.

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Quick Overview

  • 100% polyethylene construction.
  • No tools needed to assemble
  • various sizes to fit your needs
  • Selection of colors with certain models
  • Excellent resistance to harmful acid vapors and spills
  • Suitable for acids that are not recommended in steel cabinets
  • Includes "Caution Corrosives" label
  • Doors open 180 degrees and can be installed on the right or left side
  • Doors are lockable
  • Internal containment sump is sealed
  • Shelves are adjustable
  • 2 inch poly vents with caps
  • Acid storage cabinets are a very important part of any safety plan. New lower prices.


Technical Info

Sulfuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids can be placed in polyethylene acid storage cabinets. Steel cabinets not recommended for these acids. Choose color for cabinets when ordering below. Chemical resistance guide for high density polyethylene. Dimensions and weights for each cabinet are noted below in description


Compliance Info

All flammable safety cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements. See guide to regulations here - Note: Poly Acid Cabinets are not non-flammable.