Safety Can Compatibility Guide

Guide to Safe Storage of Chemicals in Safety Containers

This is intended to be used as a helpful guide only. CAUTION: Resistance to mixed solvents is unpredictable. Guide DOES NOT apply to mixtures, even if the can is compatible with all components of the mixture.

General Statements:
Galvanized Steel: Use when chemical purity is not critical. Some chemicals may adversely affect paint.
Polyethylene: Use for storing acids/caustics and other corrosive chemicals.
Stainless Steel: Use when chemical purity is critical.

* - NR indicates Not Recommended

Chemical to StoreGalvanized SteelPolyethyleneStainless Steel
Acetic AcidNRGoodGood
AcetonePoor Fair Good
Acetonitrile Fair Good Fair
Aniline Good Good Good
Benzene Fair Fair Good
Cyclohexane Good Fair Poor
Cyclohexanone Good NR Poor
Ethanol Good Good Good
Ethyl Acetate Good Fair Good
Ethyl Ether Good Fair Good
Ethylene Glycol Good Good Good
Fuel Oil Good NR Good
Gasoline Good Fair Good
Heptane Good Poor Good
Chemical to StoreGalvanized SteelPolyethyleneStainless Steel
Hexane Good NR Good
Hydrochloric Acid 37% NR Good NR
Isopropyl Alcohol 70% NR Good Good
Kerosene Good NR Good
Methanol Good Good Good
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Good Fair Good
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Good Fair Poor
Methylene Chloride NR NR Good
Pentane Good NR Good
Petroleum Ether Good Poor Good
Toluene Good Fair Good
Trichloroethylene NR NR Good
Turpentine Poor Poor Good
Xylene Good Fair Good

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