Aluminum Stair Treads/Nosings Installation Guide

Installing Aluminum Stair Nosings and Treads on Wood Steps

Installing Aluminum Stair Nosings and Treads on Wood Steps

Tools & Materials Required

  • Electric or cordless drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Chalk line
  • Step and landing treads
  • Hammer
  • Adhesive
  • Tap handle
  • Stainless steel machine screws
  • Taps & punch
  • Marking pen
  • Caulking gun



  • Repair any damaged stair area. Remove any projections or obstructions. Remove loose dirt and debris (surface must be flat)
  • If tread ends, risers, and/or stringers are to be repainted, it is advisable to paint the surface prior to installing our Aluminum nosings and Safety Treads
  • Place all tools, materials and treads for installing on the bottom landing flight to be installed


Aluminum Stair Tread Installation

  • Begin stair nosing installation with top of stair or landing, and work down
  • If clearance has been allowed at the ends of treads, center one Aluminum Stair Safety Tread on top stair and one on bottom stair. Strike chalk like on one edge of treads from top and bottom tread to create a guide on all steps
  • Push the Bold Step Safety Tread back as far as it will go, place top landing tread or treads in proper location. Using tread as a hole location template, carefully mark the location of each attachment holes
  • Drill and tap the holes with proper size drill bits and taps for screw size being used
  • Lay " bead of construction adhesive on underside of tread. Place adhesive around each screw hole, the edges of tread and across the bottom of tread with a zigzag format
  • If there is large radius at front nose of existing tread, place one or two extra beads of caulk at appropriate location
  • Screw tread in place and install the rest of treads in similar fashion
  • Allow adhesive to cure for several hours before use

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