Non Slip Tape Treads Technical Data

Non Skid Tape - Stair Tread Tape Technical Data

Anti-Slip Safety Tape Technical Data Sheet

Noted below are the grit sizes and thickness of our anti-slip tape. All colors listed below in our anti-slip safety tape data sheet list are available for purchase although all of the colors are not listed on our site. For more information or if you have any questions contact us at (800)869-9633 or email us through

Color CodeGrit SizeThickness
White 0146-540.034
Gray 03 46-540.038
Brick Red 0446-540.038
Clear 0546-800.029
Brown 0646-540.038
Beige 07 46-54 0.034
Yellow 08 46-80 0.034
Orange 09 46-80 0.033
Safety Red 15 46-80 0.034
Glow-in-the-Dark 10 46 0.027
Black/Yellow Hazard 17 46-80 0.029
Red/ White Hazard 18 46-80 0.029
Slogan Treads 46-80 0.029
Standard Black 19 30-60 0.037
SC Black 02 54 0.032
46 AO Black 11 46 0.037
Heavy Duty Black 14 36 0.037
Mop-Top Black 27   0.04
Mop-Top Grey 28   0.038
Mop-Top White 34   0.034

Chemical Definition: Anti-slip tape consists of uniform coat of abrasive grit, securely bonded to a polymer substrate with a flexible isocyanate/polyal emulsion in sufficient thickness to achieve optimum bond and grit exposure. The emulsion is UV blocked to resist color fade.

Adhesive: The underside has a uniform application of a permanent type, solvent based, acrylic emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive.

Release Liner: 90# polycoated Kraft release paper (liner). The release liner is coated on both sided with polyethylene for weather and moisture resistance and treated on the adhesive side with silicone to assure easy removal of the liner from the product.


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