For PVC Fabric

Industrial Fabric/PVC Fabric CHEMICAL RATING @ 72 degrees.

Rating Key:
R = Recommended for use
NR = Not recommended
NA = Not tested
F = Failed

Ratings are based on visual physical examination of sample after removal from immersion in the test chemical at room temperature. Results represent ability of the material to retain its performance properties when in contact with test chemical. This report is offered as a guide and was developed from information, which, to the best of the manufacturer's knowledge, was reliable and accurate. Due to variables and conditions of application beyond the manufacturer's control, none of the data shown on this guide is to be construed as a guarantee, expressed or implied. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility, obligation, or liability in conjunction with the use or misuse

Ammonium Biflouride R Ammonium Flouride, 25% R
Ammonium Hydroxide RAmmonium Sulfate R
Amyl Acetate NRAqua Regia R
Beer RBenzeneNR
Benzyl Alcohol NABlack Liquor R
Bleach 12.5% RBoric Acid R
Bromic Acid RButane R
Butylene RCalcium Chloride R
Carbon Tetrachloride NRCaronic Acid R
Castor Oil RChloric Acid, 20% R
Chlorine, Liquid NRCitric Acid R
Coconut Oil NACopper Nitrate R
Copper Sulfate RCorn Syrup R
Cottonseed Oil RDetergents R
Diethyl Ether NRDietylene Glycol NA
Dimethyl Hydraxine NRDisodium Phosphate R
Ethers NREsters NR
Ethyl Alcohol REthylene Glycol R
Fatty Acids RFormaldehyde R
Fructose RFurfural NR
Gasoline FGin R
Green Liquor RHydrochloric Acid, 50% R
Hydroflouric Acid, dilute RHyrdogen Peroxide, 90% R
Hydrogen Sulfide, aqueous RIodine Solution NA
Ketones NRLacquers NA
Linseed Oil RMagnesium Chloride R
Methyl Alcohol RMethyl Bromide NR
Methyl Ethyl Ketone NRMethylene Chloride NR
Mineral Oil RNaptha R
Napthalene NRNitric Acid, 30% R
Nitric Acid, 100% NROleic Acid R
Phosphoric Acid, 85% RPotash R
Potassium Chloride RPotassium Hydroxide R
Potassium Hypochlorite RPropyl Alcohol R
Sea Water RSoaps R
Sodium Chloride RSodium Hydroxide, 70% R
Sodium Nitrate RStearic Acid NR
Sulfur RSulfuric Acid, 80% R
Sulfuric Acid, 100% NR Tanning LiquorsR
Toluene, Toluol NRUrea R
Vegetable Oil RWhiskey R
Wines RZinc Chloride R
Zinc Oxide NA  


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