Technical Data For Fiberglass Step Cover & Nosing

Fiberglass Step Covers and Fiberglass Nosings Technical Data

For a slip resistant surface, fiberglass step covers/nosing and fiberglass walkways are an excellent choice. The material is lightweight and very durable. Can be used on surfaces such as inclines, floors and steps. Can be used on material such as wood, concrete and metal. As long as the flooring is structurally sound you can get years of service.

1) Made with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit 2) The grit-coating is applied over Thermoset Polyester Fiber Reinforced Polymer panels which are fire retardant. 3) Panels are 0.125 thick before the grit-coating is applied. 4) These fiberglass covers can be purchased in three grit-coating options: Heavy Duty, Medium and Fine

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