Installation Instructions for Non-Slip Tapes

Non Slip Tapes Installation Instructions

Installation Guidelines

antil slip tape
  • Test that the safety tape is adhesive before installation by just peeling back a small section.
  • Temperature of the surface should be above 55˚
  • Apply to smooth surface. Repair application area to insure it is smooth by filling in any cracks or depressions. Porous surfaces should be sealed; Never apply the safety tape over grout lines
  • Remove oils, dirt and flaking paint using a industrial cleaner
  • Be sure any soap residue is removed by flushing the surface.
  • Surface must be completely dry.
  • When Cutting the Safety Tape to size we suggest rounding the corners.
  • When peeling off paper backing try to keep fingers off the adhesive.
  • Position and press into place pushing from the center out to the edges to remove air bubbles. A rubber hand roller helps to get maximum adhesion.
  • The area can be used immediately after the tape is applied.
  • The surface of the tape itself can be cleaned as needed using a mild detergent cleaner.


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