Polyethylene Chemical Compatibility Guide

Compatibility Guide for Polyethylene materials and respective chemicals

NOTICE: This report is offered as a guide and was developed from information which, to the best of AbsorbentsOnline.com's knowledge, was reliable and accurate

Due to variables and conditions of application beyond AbsorbentOnline.com's. control, none of the data shown in this guide is to be construed as a guarantee, expressed, or implied. AbsorbentOnline.com assumes no responsibility, obligation, or liability in conjunction with the use or misuse of the information.

Ratings Chemical Effect Explanation of Footnotes
A = Suitable for long term storage at 100 degrees F or less.
B = Suitable for short term storage less than one year.
C = Do NOT store these chemicals in UltraTech containers.


Acetaldehyde (40%), A
Acetamide, A
Acetone, A
Acetylene Tetrabromide, B
Acrylic Emulsions, B
Acrylonitrile, A
Adipic Acid, A
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, A
Alkaline, A
Allyl Alcohol (96%), A
Aluminum Chloride (20%), A
Aluminum Fluride, A
Aluminum Hydrogen Solution (10%), A
Aluminum Hydroxide, A
Alums (All Types), A
Ammonia (Aqueous), A
Ammonium Acetate, A
Ammonium Bifluoride, A
Ammonium Carbonate (50%), A
Ammonium Chloride, A
Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride (50%), A
Ammonium Hydroxide, A
Ammonium Metaphsophate Sat'd, A
Ammonium Nitrate Sat'd, A
Ammonium Persulfate Sat'd, A
Ammonium Phosphate, A
Ammonium Salts, A
Ammonium Sulfate Sat'd, A
Ammonium Sulfide, Sat'd, A
Ammonium Thiocyanate Sat'd, A
Amyl Acetate, A
Amyl Alcohol (100%), A
Amyl Chloride, C
Aniline (100%), B
Aniline Hydrochloride, B
Anti Freeze, A
Antimony Salts, A
Antimony Trichloride (90%), A
Aqua Regia, C
Aqueous Alkalies (NaOH), A
Arsenic Acid, A
Ascetic Acid (50%), A
Ascetic Acid Anhydride, B
Ascetic Ether, B
Barium Carbonate, A
Barium Chloride, A
Barium Cyanide, A
Barium Hydroxide, A
Barium Nitrate, A
Barium Salts, A
Barium Sulfate, A
Barium Sulfide, A
Battery Fluid, Acid, B
Benzaldehyde, A
Benzene Sulfonic Acid, B
Benzene, B
Benzoic Acid, A
Benzyl Alcohol, A
Benzyl Chloroformate, A
Boric Acid Conc., A
Boric Acid Dilute, A
Borzx Cold Sat'd, A
Bromine, Liquid, C
Bromine, Water, C
Bromobenzene, C
Bromoform, C
Butadiene, A
Butanediol (100%), A
Butanol, A
Butyl Acetate, A
Butyl Alcohol (100%), A
Butyl Phenol, C
Butylene Glycol, A
Butylene Liquid, C
Butylene, C
Butyric Acid, A
Calcium Carbonate, A
Calcium Chloride, A
calcium Hydroxide, A
Calcium Hypochlorite, A
Calcium Nitrate (50%), A
Calcium Sulfate, A
Carbon Bisulfide, C
Carbon Disulfide, C
Carbon Monoxide, A
Carbon Tetrachloride, C
Carbonic Acid (Aq. C02), A
Caustic (Aqueous), A
Caustic Potash Sol. (50%), A
Caustic Soda Sol. (10%), A
Chloroacetic Acid, A
Chlorobezene, A
Chloroform, C
Chloromethane, C
Chlorsulfonic Acid (100%), C
Chrome Alum Sat'd, A
Chromic Acid (50%), B
Clycolic Acid (All Conc.), A
Copper Cyanide, A
Cresylic Acid, A
Crotonic Aldehyde, A
Cuprous Chloride Sat'd, A
Cyclohenanone, B
Cyclohexane, A
Cyclohexanol, A
Dextrin Sat'd, A
Dextrose Sat'd, A
Di Isobutyl Ketone, B
Dibutyl Ether, C
Dibutyl Sebacate, B
Dibutylphthalate, B
Dichloroacetic Acid, B
Dichlorobenzene, Liquid, C
Dichloroethylene, C
Diesel Fuel, B
Diesel Oil, B
Diethanolamine, B
Diethyl Carbonate, A
Diethylene Glycol, A
Digycolic Acid (30%), A
Dimethyl Formamide, B
Dimethylamine, B
Dinonyl Phthalate, C
Dioctyl Phthalate, C
Dioxane, A
Diphenyl Oxide, C
Disodium Phosphate, A
Electrolyte, A
Ethanol, A
Ether, C
Ethyl Acetate (100%), B
Ethyl Alcohol, A
Ethyl Butyrate, B
Ethyl Chloride, C
Ethyl Ether, C
Ethylene Chloride, C
Ethylene Chlorohydrin, A
Ethylene Diamine, A
Ethylene Dichloride, C
Ethylene Glycol, A
Ethylene Oxide, C
Fatty Acids, A
Ferric Sulfate, A
Ferrous Salts, A
Ferrous Sulfate, A
Fluoboric Acid, A
Fluosilicic Acid (All Conc.), A
Formaldehyde (40%), A
Formamide, A
Formic Acid (All Conc.), A
Fuel Oil, A
Furfural (100%), A
Furfuryl Alcohol, C
Gallic Acid Sat'd, A
Gasoline, A
Gluconic Acid (All Conc.), A
Glycerine, A
Glycol, A
Heptane, A
Hexane, A
Hydrazone Hydrate, A
Hydrobromic Acid (50%), A
Hydrochloric Acid (All Conc.), A
Hydrocyanic Acid Sat'd, A
Hydrofluoric Acid (All Conc.), A
Hydrofluorisilicic Acid (All Conc.), A
Hydrogen Bromide (10%), A
Hydrogen Peroxide (90%), A
Hydrogen Phosphide (100%), A
Hydrogen Sulfide, A
Hydroiodic Acid (All Conc.), A
Hydroquinone, A
Hydrosulfite (10%), A
Hydroxylamine Sulfate, A
Hydrozine (35%), A
Hydrozine Hydrochloride, A
Hypochlorous Acid, A
Iso Octane, B
Isopropyl Acetate, A
Isopropyl Alcohol, A
Isopropyl Ether, C
Jet Fuel, B
Kerosene, B
Lactic Acid (All Conc.), A
Lead Acetate Sat'd, A
Magnesium Carbonate, A
Magnesium Hydroxide, A
Magnesium Nitrate, A
Magnesium Oxide, A
Magnesium Salts, A
Magnesium Sulfate, A
Maleic Acid, A
Methanol, A
Methyl Acetate, A
Methyl Alcohol (100%), A
Methyl Amine (32%), A
Methyl Bromide, C
Methyl Chloride, C
Methyl Ethyl Ketone, B
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, B
Methyl Isopropyl Ketone, B
Methyl Sulfate, A
Methyl Sulfuric Acid (All Conc.), A
Methylene Chloride, C
Mineral Oils, A
Monochloroacetic Acid Ethyl Ester, A
Monochloroacetic Acid Methyl Ester, A
Mowilith D, A
Naptha, B
Napthalene, B
Nicotine Dilute, A
Nicotinic Acid, A
Nitric Acid <50%, A
Nitrobenzene, B
Nitrotoluene, B
Octyl Cresol, A
Oleic Acid (All Conc.), A
Oleum Conc., C
Oxalic Acid (All Conc.), A
Palmitic Acid, C
Paraffin Emulsions, A
Perchloric Acid (50%), A
Perchloroethylene, B
Petroleum Ether, B
Petroleum, A
Phenylhydrazine, C
Phosphoric Acid (All Conc.), A
Phosphorous (Yellow 100%), A
Phosphorous Chlorides, B
Phosphorous Pentoxide, A
Photographic Solutions, A
Phthalic Acid (All Conc.), A
Phthalic Anhydride, A
Pickling Baths
  • Sulfuric Acid, A
  • Hydrochloric Acid, A
Picric Acid (1%), A
Plating Solutions, A
Potassium Aluminum Sulfates (50%), A
Potassium Bichromate, A
Potassium Borate (10%), A
Potassium Bromide, A
Potassium Chlorate, A
Potassium Chloride, A
Potassium Chromate, A
Potassium Cyanide, A
Potassium Dichromate (40%), A
Potassium Ferri Ferro Cyanide Sat'd, A
Potassium Fluoride, A
Potassium Hydroxide, A
Potassium Nitrate Sat'd, A
Potassium Perborate Sat'd, A
Potassium Perchlorate, A
Potassium Phosphates, A
Potassium Sulfate, A
Propanol, A
Propargyl Alcohol (7%), A
Propionic Acid (50%), A
Propyl Alcohol, A
Propylene Dichlrode (100%), A
Propylene Glycol, A
Propylene Oxide, A
Pyridine, B
Selenic Acid, A
Sewage, A
Silicic Acid, A
Silver Nitrate, A
Soda Ash, A
Sodium Acetate Sat'd, A
Sodium Benzoate, A
Sodium Bisulfate (10%), A
Sodium Bisulfite, A
Sodium Bromate, B
Sodium Chloride, A
Sodium Chlorite, A
Sodium Chromate, A
Sodium Disulfite, A
Sodium Dithionite (10%), A
Sodium Fluoride Sat'd, A
Sodium Hydroxide Conc., A
Sodium Hypochlorite, A
Sodium Nitrate, A
Sodium Oxalate, A
Sodium Persulfate, A
Sodium Phosphate, A
Sodium Sulfonates, A
Stearic Acid (All Conc.), A
Succinic Acid, A
Sulfuric Acid (98%), B
Sulfuric Acid, Fuming, C
Sulfurous Acid, A
Sulfuryl Chloride, C
Tartaric Acid Sat'd, A
Tetrachlorethylene, C
Tetrachloroethane, C
Tetrahydrofurane, C
Tetrahydronaphthalene, C
Thionyl Chloride, C
Titanium Salts, B
Toluene Sulfonic Acid (All Conc.), B
Toluene, B
Transformer Oil, A
Tributylphosphate, A
Trichloroacetic Acid, B
Trichloroethane, C
Trichloroethylene, C
Trichloroethylene, C
Tricresyl Phosphate, A
Triethanolamine, A
Trioctyl Phosphate, C
Trisodium Phosphate Sat'd, A
Turpentine Oil, C


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