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1 to 8 Drum Modular Spill Pallets

Modular Platform Secondary Spill Pallets for Drum Storage

20 Gallon Lab Pack Emergency Spill Kit

emergency spill kits

30 Gallon Spill Response Spill Kit

30 gallon spill kits

5 Inch Pipe Plug

5 inch pipe plug

Description: This heavy-duty plug contains or seals flow from 5-inch open end pipe leaks. Insert into pipe and tighten the plug's nut for fast and easy installation. An ideal addition to our other pipe repair and emergency leak kits.

Uses: Safely contain and plug large pipe leaks before they get out of hand. Quickly seals low pressure pipes, gas meters and more. Vent allows piping of hazardous materials under regulated flow. See more information on product order page.

5-Gallon Bucket Oil, Chemical, or Universal Spill Kit

Spill Kit Bucket

55 Gallon Drum Covers and Drum Tops

55 Gallon Drum Covers and Drum Tops

55 Gallon Drum Dispensing Systems

55 Gallon Drum Dispensing Systems

55 Gallon Drum Spill Kit - Low Price - Top Seller

55 Gallon Drum Spill Kit

A-Frame Barricades

a-frame barricades type 1 and 2

Description: Two styles of heavy-duty plastic A-frame barricades with or without built-in sand ballast compartment. Choose from economy or flexible i-beam style barrier rails in 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 foot lengths. Rails available with none, single, or double sided reflective sheeting in three grades. Lightweight, durable, easy to assemble, relocate and store.

Uses: Install as Type I or Type II traffic barricades to keep pedestrians and workers safe. Temporarily block off foot or vehicle traffic access. Set up around workzone or construction sites to warn of potential hazards.

Absorbent Wipes - Absorbent Wipers

Absorbent Wipes - Absorbent Wipers

Acid Neutralizer Liquid

acid neutralizer liquid

Description: This acid neutralizing and degreaser liquid changes color upon pH neutralization. It is ideal to use on battery acid spills and to keep equipment clean of corrosion. Comes in four container options, including an easy application pump trigger spray bottle.

Uses: Spray directly onto equipment to neutralize battery-acid spills and clean up. Use this degreaser with a non-sparking brush to remove acid or corrosion from battery cases, terminals and other machinery. View more details on order page.

Acid Neutralizer Powder

acid absorbent neutralizer

Description: This eco-friendly dry powder neutralizes, solidifies, and absorbs acid spills for safe and easy clean up. Color change indicates pH neutralization. Available in different container types and sizes including carton, bag, bucket, pail or drum.

Uses: Apply neutralizer direct to acid spills. Ideal for cleaning up battery acid leaks and spill response for sites handling or storing acids. Prevents damage that acids can cause to equipment and property. See more information on order page.

Acid Spill Neutralizer Socks and Pillows

acid spill neutralizing absorbent socks and pillows

Description: No-mess socks and pillows with chemical-resistant fabric shell. Neutralizing filling quickly absorbs and solidifies acid spills. Color change indicator lets you know when neutralization is complete for safer handling and disposal.

Uses: Wedge under/around battery charging racks and other equipment to catch leaks. Use pillows as economical drip pan liners, or, toss into action for spill clean up. Stage in research labs, chemical processing facilities and acid storage areas for fast acid spill response. Find more information on product order page.

Acid Storage Cabinets

Polyethylene Acid Storage Cabinets Suitable for Use with Sulfuric, Hydrochloric and Nitric Acids

Aerosol Can Recycling Systems

Aerosol can recycling system

Description: Safely dispose of your site's aerosol cans with an EPA-certified recycling system. Depressurize, collect residual liquid, and filter VOCs. Our five lightweight and portable systems require no power to operate. Recycler units mount onto 30 or 55 gal drums with a standard 2in bung.

Uses: Remove the expense and hassle of your company's hazardous waste handling. Puncture and convert spray cans into recyclable containers or valuable scrap metal.

Affordable Drive In/Out Ultimate Containment Berm

tanker truck spill containment

Aggressive Chemical Spill Pallet

Single Drum Aggressive Chemical

Aluminum Bracket Containment Berm

oil containment berm with aluminum L-brackets

Aluminum Metal Stair Treads & Nosing

aluminum stair nosing tread

Description: Made with corrosive resistant extruded aluminum with an abrasive closed cell epoxy filler. Exceeds OSHA and ADA regulation requirements. In addition to the most popular yellow/black color available on our site there are 6 other colors available. Custom orders available.

Uses: Worn steps, new construction and renovations. Can be used on wood, metal or concrete steps/landings.

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue mats

Description: Customers describe our anti fatigue floor mats as comfortable, lightweight, and life changing. They offer maximum relief when standing, increase productivity, and prevent slips and falls.

These anti-slip comfort mats are made from a closed cell nitrile and PVC foam blend. They very comfortable to stand on as well as being durable. Floor mats are oil and grease resistant. Will not absorb liquids including chemicals or cleaners.

Lightweight for easy handling, cleaning, and to save on shipping costs. Choose from two thicknesses for extra cushioning. Buy solid surface mats or with drainage holes for wet areas. Quality guaranteed. See product page for additional information.

Uses: The anti fatigue mat solution for all commercial and industrial service counter locations. Including retail stores, hotels, and office building standing desks. As well as healthcare/hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and airlines. Also use on stand-up forklifts and bucket trucks where workers spend hours on their feet. Comfort desk mats are perfect for any workstation where standing is required.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

kitchen mats

Description: Our rubber floor mats with large drainage holes provide comfort and safety for commercial kitchens. They make standing on hard kitchen floors for long periods of time a breeze. Ergonomically designed with bevel edges. Grease-proof, chemical and animal/vegetable fat resistant. Easy to clean and suitable for use in wet or dry areas. Available in 5/8 or 1/2" thick, including an anti-microbial mat option. Ask about custom sizes to fit your location!

Uses: Drainage mats are ideal for professional kitchen workstations, food preparation and cooking lines. Use them in restaurant bar service areas, and food processing or cleaning environments. Place throughout your facility at any location where employees stand for long hours. Order heavy duty rubber mats today and make your kitchen more productive.

Archaea Bioremediation Microorganisms

archaea microbe bioremediation products

Description: Naturally occurring microbes efficiently breaks down hydrocarbons and other contaminants into harmless by-products. Environmentally safe and “green” solution: non-toxic, and contain no pathogens. Available in tablet, powder, mini-boom and water-soluble packet application types.

Uses: Oil-degrading microorganisms have hundreds of applications including spill cleanup, eliminating soil or water contaminates, and more. Suitable for waste water treatment systems and plumbing maintenance tasks. Reduces odor in septic tanks and removes oily sheen from water.

Barricade Lights

barricade lights

Description: Weatherproof LED barricade lights and warning Lights for traffic safety. Easy to use, long-lasting battery or solar power models. Compatible with most traffic control equipment. Quick installation using included hardware and tamper proof mounting bolts. Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D lights available with flashing or steady burn modes.

Uses: Increase visibility of traffic safety products in any weather or lighting. Install on traffic barricades, channelizer drums, cones, or warning signs to alert motorists of hazards. Use handheld LED batons as additional safety lighting at roadside emergencies and more.

Battery Acid Spill Kits

Battery Acid Spill Kit For Acid Spills

Description: Three kit sizes contain neutralizers and safety equipment to clean up hazardous battery acid or chemical spills. Includes pads, socks, liquid or dry acid neutralizers to absorb and sweep up small to large spills. Features easily portable and highly visible storage containers.

Uses: Ideal for retail battery outlets, automotive repair garages, forklift storage areas, battery storage warehouses and facilities that have large batteries for backup. Strategically place these kits for quick spill response.

Bench Cans - Daub Cans


For the bench, you need small capacity safety cans and parts cleaning cans. From ˝ pint up to 8 quarts and safety colored in red, our bench cans and daub cans will keep your workstation safe and organized.

USA made with strong galvanized steel and designed for years of use containing your flammable solvents, these safety cans come in a variety of sizes with several options for lids and parts cleaning baskets.

Berm Protection Ground Tarps and Track Belts

containment berm track belts

Berms - Building a Berm Kit

Build A Berm Kit (building a berm)

Best Bargain - Universal Absorbent Pads

bargain universal absorbent pads and rolls

Description: Universal absorbency 15in x 18in pads and 30in x 150ft rolls. Single-layer meltblown polypropylene construction. Perforated so you can tear sheets to size and avoid wastage. Surface dimples provide fast-wicking power. Save with our pallet order discount and free shipping.

Uses: Soak up oil or water spills to keep your work place clean and dry. Wipe down wet or greasy equipment. Use to absorb diesel fuel, solvents, coolants, water and more. Additional product information on order page.

Best Bargain - Oil Absorbent Pads & Rolls

bargain oil absorbent pads and rolls

Description: Single-layer meltblown polypropylene 15in x 18in pads and 30in x 150ft rolls for oil-only spills. Repels water and only absorbs hydrocarbons. Floats on water. Perforations allow you to tear sheets to size for optimal economy. Surface dimples for fast-wicking absorption. Bright white color provides good visibility when pad is full. Bulk buy to save with our pallet order discount.

Uses: Suitable for cleaning up oil spills on land or water. Soak up gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oil spills in automotive and industrial shops. Additional product information on order page.

Bilge Booms - Boat and Marine Bilge Absorbents

boat bilge booms

Description: The mesh outer sleeve encases the poly sock skin that is filled with highly absorbent polypropylene. Filler will not shed and boom will not sink. Durable, easy to use connectors included. Boat Bilge Booms are 8"x18" or 3"x18".

Uses: Use in the bilge of your boat to absorb any oil from the engine. Floats on water. Repels water. Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, diesel and lubricating oils. Additional product information on order page.

Biohazard Waste Containers

Biohazard waste containersDescription: When your lab or factory is working around pathogens, germs and other biohazardous materials, you need a specific biohazard waste bin to separate those disposables.

Our bright red biohazard waste containers are perfect since they are easy to spot, easy to open (foot operated lid) and are made of an impervious polyethylene.

Available in 3 capacities: 6 Gallon, 10 Gallon and 14 Gallon. OSHA and FM Approved!

Uses: Any lab, medical clinic, hospital and other businesses dealing with biohazards such as animal or human tissue, bone, etc. and the gauze, bandages and other disposables that may have been soiled with blood or tissue.

Body Fluid Cleanup Kit

Body Fluid Cleanup Kit (A8626G) one easy storage kit

Bollard Covers - Ribbed - Nine Colors

Bollard cover ribbed sleeves in 9 colors

Bollard Covers - Ribbed - Nine Colors 4, 6 & 8 inch ribbed bollard covers.

Description: These bollard covers are ribbed to provide extra protection against impacts. Available to to protect 4", 6" and 8" posts. Our bollard covers are 56" long in all sizes and colors. Yellow 6" and 8" posts available in 72" lengths. Choose yellow, red, lime, green, handicap blue, orange white and black. Can be trimmed easily for an exact fit.

Uses: Protect vehicles and posts from damage. They eliminate the cost of paint and maintenance labor to repaint. Use these bollard covers over all of the bollards you have on your property.

Catch Basin Oil & Grease Skimmer


Description: The Catch Basin Oil Skimmer floats on water and continuously absorbs oil, grease, gasoline, total suspended solids and phosphates. It is filled with a unique filtration media that holds the fluids. Non-leaching and full buoyancy even when saturated. The unit is 22 inches x 15 inches x 2 inches and will hold up to 2 gallons of oil. Five units per case.

Uses: Use in catch basins or on any water vault that you need to remove the surface hydrocarbons. Installs in 5 minutes or less. Additional technical information on order page.

Chemical Hazmat Booms

chemical boom

Description: Booms are constructed with a strong outer mesh filled with polypropylene. A nylon rope and steel hardware ensure durability and effortless retrieval. Connect together for large area spills.

Uses: The chemical hazmat boom is for use on land to control large volume spills. Absorbs water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, MEK, hexane, trichloroethylene, etc.

Will not float on water. Additional technical information on order page.

Classic Cigarette Butt Receptacles

cigarette disposal can

Description: Our classic cigarette receptacles are more attractive and are available in two sizes and several colors. They have a polyethylene disposal tube and an internal metal can.

The color options and sizes available make this can more appealing for retail and professional buildings. Smokers can take their break while keeping the area litter free and maintaining a clean, professional appearance.

Uses: Use in front of retail stores, grocery stores and malls. Office building entries, restaurant entries and break areas are perfect for this model.

Column Protectors and Guards

column protector

Column Protectors Fits round or square columns 6", 8", 10" & 12".

Description: These column protectors are made of 100% high-density polyethylene. Easy to install straps are provided to attach the two halves of the protectors. No tools are required. They will fit round or square columns that are 6", 8", 10" or 12". UV protected and can be stacked two high. Available in high visibility yellow, lime green or orange colors.

Uses: Use column protectors in your facility or warehouse to protect columns and beams from damage by forklifts and carts.

Combustibles Safety Cans

Combustibles safety can

If you work around high flashpoint combustible liquids, these cans will help you stay compliant with regulations

These galvanized safety cans are painted green to make them stand out for safely storing and dispensing combustible liquids.

Available in sizes from 1 quart up to 5 gallons, you're sure to find the right size for your shop.

Compact Containment Berm

compact fuel containment bermProtect your job-site with a lightweight & portable fuel containment berm.

Container Ramp - Container Ramps


Container Ramp - Hooks to the container door keepers to prevent slipping.

Description: Our container ramp has a hook rail that attaches to the door-keepers of the container. Three point contact and support across the width of the ramp. Includes tab inserts into the container keepers to prevent lateral movement of the ramp. Load capacity of 750 pounds. Container ramp weighs 25 pounds for easy carrying. 35"W x 36"L x 6"H. 

Uses: Use to unload containers with hand trucks and dollies. One of our portable loading ramps that is very easy to move.

Containment Berm Hose Stand

spill containment berm hose stand

Containment Berm Self Bailer

spill containment self bailer

Containment Wall Spill Berm

modular spill containment wallModular containment system with hard walls for long-term site use

Corn Cob Universal Absorbent Socks for Oil & Water based Liquids

corn cob sock

Description: These absorbent socks are filled with finely ground corn cob filler. They have a tough polypropylene casing grey in color. This is a universal type absorbent that will absorb all liquids (hydrocarbons, coolants, solvents and water). 

Uses: Use for fast containment in case of a spill or around machinery. Have on hand for general maintenance. Additional product information on order page.

Corner Protectors - Corner Guards

building corner protectors

Corner Protectors in 21" & 42" lengths.

Description: Our corner guards are made of high density polyethylene. Are yellow in color and have UV inhibitors. Rust resistant for outside or inside use. Sold in two sizes in sets of two. Inside measurements of 4"x8" and outside measurements of 6"x10" with lengths of 21" and 42". Easy installation with bolts.

Uses: Use corner protectors on door frames, facility corners, H-frame racking or on loading docks. Protect your property from damage from forklifts, hand trucks and vehicles.

Corrosive Storage Cabinets

Steel Acid and Corrosive Storage Cabinets with Additional Chemical Protection

Covered Dispensing Workstations

Covered Dispensing Workstations

Covered Spill Pallet

4-drum spill pallet and soft top cover

Curb Ramp

portable curb ramp

Curb Ramp - Easy pick-up, carrying and handling.

Description: This new poly curb ramp makes moving product over curbs or steps with hand trucks or wheeled carts a breeze. Raised non-slip surface that can handle up to 1000 pounds. Weighs only 9 pounds and has two handles for easy handling and carrying. Yellow in color. 27"L x 27"W x 4"H.

Uses: Great for delivery personal who have to move heavy loads over curbs. Light and easy to move portable loading ramp.

Deluxe Drain Cover Seal, Spill Stopper and Blocker

Deluxe Drain Cover Seal and Spill Stopper and Blocker

Diesel Fuel Containers

diesel fuel container

Eagle diesel fuel containers for the storage of diesel fuel come in several sizes from 1 quart up to 5 gallons.

These are Type 1 cans for Class 1 flammables and are color coded Yellow.

They are available with and without snap on funnels are made of galvanized steel and are made in the USA. They meet OSHA, NFPA and are FM Approved.

More information is available on the product page.

DOT Approved Gas Cans

DOT approved gas cans Type II

Transporting fuel to and from the job site or location where it is needed requires a different type of container. Riding around in a vehicle subject the gas can to more potential to get damaged or for spills and accidents to take place.

You need a gas safety can with extra protection to keep it closed and with protection from damage. Our Type 2 DOT Approved gas Cans come in Red for Gasoline and Yellow for Diesel Fuel.

See detailed information on our product page.

Drawstring Sack Universal Spill Kit

Drawstring Sack Universal Spill Cleanup Kit

Drip Pans - Absorbent Drip Pan

drip pans

Description: Our drip pan is 10.5 inches square and 3 inches tall. With the large surface area and depth it will hold a high volume of fluid. Low footprint of the pan keeps it stable so it can not easily be kicked over. Available in universal and oil only.

Uses: Use under drum spigot to catch drips, under machinery under leaky hydraulic hoses. If the volume of the leak saturates a mat too quickly then put a drip pan in its place. Use gray universal drip pan indoors while the white oil only drip pan is ideal for outdoors where it will catch oily drips but repel rainwater. Additional product information on order page.

Drive Over Spill Barrier

drive over spill barrier

Drive Through Secondary Spill Containment Berm

Drive Through Secondary Spill Containment Berm

Drum Leak Repair Kit

drum leak repair kit

Description: All-inclusive 35+ piece universal leak repair kit mends punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rot in most large, low-pressure containers. Includes a portable, latched, metal storage carry case. Available with a standard stainless steel or non-sparking tool pack.

Uses: Quickly repairs, plugs, patches and stop leaks in plastic/steel drums, cans, or fuel containers. Protects your premises and storage vessels from loss and damage due to surprise leaks. See additional information on order page.

Drum Patch Kit

drum patch kit

Description: Comprehensive 45+ piece drum patch kit to repair holes, cracks, gashes and puncture damage. Includes all essential tools and patch equipment in a heavy-duty storage case. Choose from standard stainless steel or non-sparking tool packs.

Uses: Repair and seal leaks in steel or plastic drums, tanks, and large low-pressure containers. Offset patches mend even difficult cracks that toggle wings won’t fit into, and holes close to tank edges or supports. More product details on order page.

Drum Storage Cabinets

60-gallon drum storage cabinet AHAZ9010XE

Drum Top Pads - Absorbent Drum Top Mats for Barrels

drum top pads

Description: Drum top pads are 22" in diameter and have pre-cut bung holes for easy access to drum. Made from top quality fine fiber mat. Available in blue oil only and gray universal.

Uses: Use on all the drums in your drum storage area to keep it looking good and to maintain a safe workplace. Additional product information on order page.

Duffel Bag Spill Clean up Spill Kit

Duffel Bag Spill Clean up Spill Kit

Eagle Safety Gas Cans

type 1 red safety gas can

Eagle safety gas cans for the storage of gasoline come in several sizes from 1 quart up to 5 gallons.

These are Type 1 cans for Class 1 flammables and are in Red.

They are available with and without snap on funnels are made of galvanized steel and are made in the USA. They meet OSHA, NFPA and are FM Approved.

More information is available on the product page.

EconoMax - Oil Spill Containment Boom - Non-Absorbent


For Calm and Protected Waters | Freeboard 6" Draft 10"

Description: Lightweight and compact. Inexpensive. Closed cell foam panels. Can be folded into sections due to the flat panels. Store in vehicles, boats or trucks for quick deployment by hand. Welded 22 ounce PVC material. Freeboard is 6 inches and draft is 10 inches. Available in three lengths.

This boom has handles and anchor points. Available accessories include anchors, lights, repair kits, carry bags, towing sets and reflectors. Easily cleaned with detergents or power washing.

Uses: Use on calm and protected water when you have debris and oil to contain. For use on inland waterways, marinas and harbors. Floats on water. Contains all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils and fuel oil as well as debris. Additional product information on order page.

Economy Oil Absorbent Pads & Rolls

Economy oil absorbent pads

Description: Made with a single layer of hydrophobic oil only polypropylene. The loose stacked weave design increases surface area. Starts wicking on contact. Bright white color makes it easy to see when fully saturated with oil. Cost effective pads and rolls.

Uses: Use on land or water to soak up oil spills. Only absorbs hydrocarbons. Repels water. Floats on water. Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils. Additional product information on order page.

Economy Spill Pallets

Economy Spill Pallets For Low Cost Spill Protection

Emergency Eyewash Station

wall mount eyewash station

Description: We offer 17 models of emergency eyewash stations for first aid safety. Choose from freeze-protected and plumbed eye wash units including wall, pedestal or table/bench mounts. Quick and simple to operate. Open and closed bowl models that are mostly ANSI-compliant.

Uses: Quickly dilute/flush hazardous substances or irritants from eyes and skin to help treat and prevent injuries. Prepare your work area to act fast in the event of a chemical splash to the face. Ideal for laboratories and sites handling hazardous liquids, including bodily fluids.

Emergency Mobile Spill Kit Cart

Emergency Mobile Spill Kit Cart

Emergency Pop Up Pools

Emergency Fuel Spill Containment Pop Up Pools

Emergency Repair Kit

emergency repair kit for tank and drum leaks

Description: 24-piece kit with essential plugs, absorbent pads, sealants and putty repair materials for fast, emergency drum/tank leak response. Includes a compact toolbox for easy storage and portability.

Uses: Ideal for first responders to emergency fuel leak accident scenes at airports and tank storage plants. Quickly seals larger holes, gashes, and forklift punctures in metal or plastic drum and tank fuel containers. Find more information on order page.

Faucet Cans - Lift Oil Drain Cans

red faucet can

Working with fluids, both new unused and used fluids, you need containers. Faucet cans make great containers for dispensing a variety of fresh fluids from gasoline to oils and kerosene.

Auto mechanics safe a lot of time and cleanup efforts when oil changes can be contained quickly and easily without splashing. Our lift oil drain cans are perfect for that.

For small, portable containers of fresh oil, see our tallow cans.

See detailed information on our product page.

Fiberglass Stair Treads & Nosing

fiberglass stair tread nosing

Description: Fiberglass stair treads and nosing are very durable and highly visible. They resist corrosion, are impact resistant, fire retardant and easy to install. These anti slip stair treads can be installed using a urethane/polyurethane base adhesive such as Loctite PL Premium or heavy duty Liquid Nails.

Uses: Use on structurally sound steps made of wood, concrete or metal. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

Flammable Storage Cabinet (flammable safety storage cabinet)

Flammable Materials Storage Cabinets

Under Counter Flammable Materials Storage Cabinets

Flammable Safety Cabinets

Tower Style Flammable Safety Cabinets with legs

Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable Storage Safety Cabinet add15

Flex Wall Drive Over & Through Secondary Spill Containment Berm

Flex Wall Drive Over & Through Secondary Spill Containment Berm

Flexible Wall Containment Berm

frac tank flexible wall containment bermPortable spill containment solutions for frac tanks, oil fields, and more.

Floor Drain Plug for Spills

yellow floor drain plugs

Description: Our floor drain plugs are made of polyurethane for a tight, chemical resistant seal. They can remain in the drain as a spill prevention method and are easily removable when the drain is needed. Non-absorbing and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Available in many sizes and come with attached or removable eyebolts.

Uses: Our safety seal conical plugs prevent spills from entering circular drains. Additional technical information on order page.

Foam Wall Containment Berm

foam spill containment berm 4 in

Foil Bag Spill Kits

Foil Bag Spill Cleanup Spill Kit

Folding Barricades

folding barricades type 1 and 2

Description: Portable folding barricade systems with modular, easy to handle components. Available with metal or heavy-duty plastic legs. Choose three styles of reflective sheeting on different height plastic panels. Blow molded polyethylene parts prevent sagging even in hot conditions. Barriers can bet set up to meet NCHRP-350 and MUTCD standards.

Uses: Deploy as either Type 1 or Type 2 safety barricades. Keep workers, pedestrians and traffic zones safe. Alert road users of hazards, or, limit foot traffic through job sites.

Forklift Floor Mats

forklift safety mat

Description:This tough absorbent mat is cut in lengths to fit most forklifts.The forklift mat has a polypropylene top side to absorb any leaks and a non-penetrable backing with non-skid features. Color is dark charcoal gray.

Uses: Park your forklifts on the mat to absorb any oil or battery leaks. Helps to keep your floor safe from slip and falls. Protects concrete floors from stains and battery acid damage. Custom sizes available. Additional product information on order page.

Fuel Tank Containment


Description: Our Rigid Fuel Tank Containment tubs are strong enough to hold hazardous fuel and oil from spills of up to 1000 gallons. Constructed of rugged polyethylene and designed to contain the contents of the tank and the tank itself. Available in 3 sizes: 275 Gallon, 500 Gallon and 1000 Gallon and available with or without the optional cover and options sump pump and drain fittings.

Uses: Use in the field where the fuel tank or oil tank is located on-site. Helps prevent hazardous environmental spills by containing drips, leaks and overspills from the tank while refueling your equipment at the job site.

Gas Cylinder Carts & Hand Trucks

gas cylinder cart hand truck

Description: Safely transport your industrial tanks with an ergonomic gas cylinder hand truck, dolly, caddy or cart. Heavy duty steel components provide maximum strength while still being easy for users to move. Single, double or multi-tank gas cylinder hand trucks available with various wheel, hoist, and firewall safety options.

Uses: Easily move cryogenic or compressed gas cylinder tanks around your facility. Cylinder hand trucks and carts are ideal for medical, laboratory, food-processing, manufacturing, welder and construction applications. Improves mobility to reduce accidents and injuries while moving cylinders. Helps your business comply with OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA.

Gas Cylinder Forklift Pallets

Gas cylinder pallet

Description: Powder-coated steel forklift pallets to transport up to 21 gas cylinders (9-12 inch diameter). Models with textured, non-slip pallet platforms. Includes poly or DOT-approved ratchet strap to secure tanks. Folding ramp or end-load options available.

Uses: Forklift pallets will secure and safely move multiple compressed gas cylinders around your facility. Helps comply with OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA guidelines.

Gas Cylinder Stands & Holders

Gas cylinder stands and bracket holders

Description: Space efficient brackets, stands, and holders to safeguard compressed gas cylinders. Bench, wall, and floor mount stands for vertically storing one to eight gas cylinders. Holders accept cylinder diameters from 2 up to 12 inches. See our gas cylinder stand comparison charts for details.

Uses: Secure and prevent your facility's compressed gas cylinders from dangerous tipping hazards. Keep gas cylinders upright. Helps OSHA 1910.253, CSA-B149.2 and NFPA 58 Gas Code regulation compliance.

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets

gas cylinder cabinet

Description: Heavy gauge, mesh side cage gas cylinder storage cabinets. Corrosion, chemical and rust-resistant aluminum construction. Available with 4 to 20 cylinder capacity in vertical, horizonal or combination storage. Ventilated mesh cage designs prevent buildup of flammable gases.

Uses: Safely store and secure your facility's propane tanks, LPG cylinders, gas bottles, or compressed gas cylinders. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Comply with OSHA 1910.253, CSA-B149.2 and NFPA 58 Gas Code regulations.

Gas Cylinder Storage Racks

gas cylinder rack for tank storage a35172j

Description: Continuous weld 2in square steel tubing gas cylinder storage racks with exterior grade powder-coat finish. Two rows of steel securing chains. Pre-drilled 0.5in diameter floor mounting holes. Various configuration units store from 1 to 20 cylinders with 12" to 33" maximum diameters, or 1 or 2 cryogenic cylinders. OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA regulation compliant

Uses: Protect and safely store compressed gas cylinders in your facility. Secure, organize, and separate your cylinders by gas content types or empty/full tanks. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Granular Absorbents

Gran-sorb granular absorbent

Grease Wipers - Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Grease Wipers - Hand Cleaning Wipes

Ground, Turf & Lawn Protection Mats

ground protection mat grommet stake

Description: Prevent damage or contamination to soil or grass with this lightweight mat. Absorbent, easy-clean polypropylene with non-penetrable vinyl backing. Economical, long-lasting, wind and weather proof design. Comes in 3' and 6' widths of various lengths with grommets and stakes.

Uses: Use as turf protection for lightweight vehicle and pedestrian traffic or construction sites. Ideal for event planners, caterers, RV owners and more. Additional product information on order page.

Hand Wringers For Absorbents

Wringer For Absorbents

Description: Our hand wringer is made with heavy steel construction. Its collection tray fits over a closed-head 55-gallon drum and allows liquid to flow into the drum. An EPA report on absorbent recycling concludes that a wringer could pay for itself in 2.8 to 5 weeks with an annual savings of 51% to 75% on absorbents and disposal costs.

Uses: Recover up to 90% of absorbed fluids from most sorbent mats, towels or rags. Ideal for use in plants, spill clean-up services, and car washes. Save by reusing your absorbent pads. The wringer model works with flat absorbent pads, towels, as well as absorbent socks. An electric motor option is also available for this wringer. Additional product information on order page.

Hardtop 4-Drum Spill Containment Pallet Outside Storage Building

hardtop spill containment pallet storage building

Hazmat Absorbent Pads & Chemical Absorbent Rolls

Hazmat chemical spill cleanup absorbent pads & rolls

Description: Our yellow hazmat absorbent pads and rolls are ultrasonically bonded with one layer of spunbond polypropylene and one layer of melt blown polypropylene. Dimpled pattern speeds wicking, quickly soaks up chemicals and gives added strength. Retains it shape even when completely saturated. Perforated so you save money by using only what you need.

Uses: Use on hazardous or unknown liquid spills. Absorbs all liquids including water. For aggressive fluids such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide and nitric acid. Additional product information on order page.

Hazmat Spill Socks for Oil, Water & Aggressive Fluids

hazmat spill sock

Description:Our yellow hazmat absorbent socks are filled with super absorbent polypropylene. Made to quickly soak up chemicals or just about any liquid. Available in four sizes.

Uses:Use on hazardous or unknown liquid spills. Absorbs all liquids including water. For aggressive fluids such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide and nitric acid. Additional product information on order page.

Hazmat Tools - 17 Piece Kit

hazmat tools

Description: This hazmat set includes 17 non-sparking and non-magnetic safety tools in a screw-top bucket. All tools include a lifetime warranty and are US made with corrosion-resistant, aluminum-bronze alloys.

Uses: A must have for emergency and fire crews during hazmat incident response. These multi-purpose cutting, striking, and tightening tools reduce fire/explosion risks in combustible environments. Storage bucket doubles as a convenient hazardous waste disposal container.

Higher Profile Spill Control Pallets

Forklift Spill Control Pallet

IBC Spill Containment Pallets

IBC Spill Containment Pallets

Indoor Emergency Showers

emergency shower and eyewash station cubicle

Description: Indoor emergency shower stations for chemical exposure response, decontamination, and first aid safety. Choose from ring main, wall, or ceiling mount plumbed safety showers. Available in drench, combination shower/eyewash stations and cubicle models, with fast and easy operation.

Uses: Drench and rinse hazardous substances or irritants off the skin and body. Supports ANSI and OSHA emergency equipment requirements to help treat and minimize worker injuries. Install in laboratories, industrial facilities, or any site that stores and handles hazardous chemicals.

Industrial Walkway High Traffic Mat


Inline Spill Pallets

Single Drum Spill Pallet

Instant Spill Containment Berm

L-Bracket Instant Berm

Kerosene Can

type 1 blue kerosene can

Eagle kerosene fuel containers for the storage of kerosene fuel come in several sizes from 1 quart up to 5 gallons.

These are Type 1 cans for Class 1 combustible fuels and is color coded Blue.

They are available with and without snap on funnels are made of galvanized steel and are made in the USA. They meet OSHA, NFPA and are FM Approved.

More information is available on the product page.

Knit Rags - Polo Rags

Knit Rags - Polo Rags

Lab Pack Drums

lab pack drum

Lab Pack Drums 14 Gallon Drums - 20 Gallon Drums - 30 Gallon Drums

Description: Blow molded HDPE construction. Available in 14 gallon, 20 gallon and 30 gallon drum sizes. Choose plastic lever lock, metal lever lock or screw on lids. Food grade quality. UN, DOT and flammability rated. Approved for packing groups I,II,III. UV protected and stack tested.

Uses: Used by labs for waste handling of small containers of hazardous waste. Common types of labs that use lab pack drums are medical and dental businesses, forensic testing labs, environmental testing labs, QA labs for chemical and other manufacturing plants as well as teaching and academic research labs.

Lab Trays

lab trays

With our large selection of low cost lab trays you should have plenty on hand at all times. The models we carry are the perfect size for your counter tops or shelving. Spills and leaks are easily controlled. Besides traditional lab trays we also have a containment tray with grates as well as a unique item, the table top spill containment berm.

Uses: Lab trays are used in medical, research and testing facilities on counter tops. Used in industrial facilities and mechanic shops when repairing or cleaning small parts. Because they are low cost, easy to clean and nestable you can keep them on hand for under chemicals or batteries stored on shelves and to contain leaks or drips.

Laboratory Containers

lab container safety cans

Eagle Laboratory Containers come in 2 materials: Stainless Steel (2 colors; Stainless and Red) and HPDE Polyethylene (3 colors: Red, White and Yellow).

Operate your lab safely and in compliance with OSHA regulations by utilizing these Type 1 safety cans.

Our 1/2 Gal and 1 Gal cans feature a self closing spring loaded lid to reduce or eliminate vapors and risk of accidental spillage.

Large Mobile Cart Spill Kit

Large Mobile Cart Spill Kit

Leak Repair Clamp for Pipe - 5 Inch to 9 Inch Patches

large pipe clamp leak repair kit

Description: 8-Piece stainless steel pipe repair clamp kit with tools, gaskets, and metal carry case. Includes 3 large external repair clamp bandages of 5in, 6in and 8in for low pressure pipes. Available with non-sparking or standard tool packs.

Uses: Quickly fix pinhole leaks, cracks, splits or punctures in water, fuel, chemical, air and gas lines or pipes. Stage in response vehicles or workplace safety cabinets to ensure you are ready to tackle and repair surprise leaks. Additional details on product order page.

Liquid Waste Containers


For all the used solvents, oils and other liquid waste, you'll need safety liquid waste containers. These are Type 1 Safety Cans and are available in sizes from 2˝ gallon up to 5 gallon sizes.

We offer different colors to choose from: White, Red or Stainless Steel so you can keep your different waste types separated and color coded for safety.

Loading Dock Ramps

loading dock ramp

Loading Dock Ramps - Light weight for easy use.

Description: Light weight loading dock ramp that only weighs 32 pounds. Made of durable HDPE. Ergonomic design with 4 inch height differential capability. Raised surface is non-slip with beveled entry and exit edges. Has a 750 pound load capacity. Yellow with two handles for carrying. Legs are powder coated steel. 36"L x 35"W x 5"H.

Uses: Use these loading dock ramps on your dock to load with carts, hand trucks, pallet trucks and two or four wheeled dollies.

Manual Collapsible Wall Containment Berm

drive in containment berm

Metal Outdoor Cigarette Receptacles

5 gallon all metal cigarette butt can

Description: Galvanized steel butt cans are ideal for industrial locations. They're sturdy and practical while providing a safe method of disposal for cigarette butts, cigar butts and matches.

Available in two attractive powder coated colors: yellow and beige. Metal or Poly tubes unscrew for emptying the 2 or 5 gallon steel cans. Promotes good housekeeping and safe practices.

Uses: Use for designated smoking areas near shipping docks and other industrial areas.

Mini Foam Wall Containment Berm

spill containment portable

Mobile Caddie Spill Kit - kaddie spill kit response cart

Response Cart Mobile Caddie Spill Kit - Kaddie Spill Kit

Mobile Drum Dispensing Pallet

Drum Mobile Dispensing and Waste Collection

Modular Tote Spill Containment

IBC Tote Containment Pallets for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Non-Slip Floor Mat – Adhesive Backed Absorbent Mat

Adhesive-backed non-slip absorbent floor mat

Description: Featuring an adhesive backing, these absorbent non-slip mats stay put to keep floors clean, dry, and safe. Comes in gray or black heavy-duty polypropylene/polyester fiber, with various roll pad size options. Universal absorbency. Lasts up to 12 weeks.

Uses: Lay anti-slip floor mats everywhere from entryways and kitchen floors, to locker rooms. Easily cut and shape custom size mats to absorb leaks, drips and spills around machinery. More product information on order page.

Non-Sparking Tools - 16 Piece Kit

non-sparking tools

Description: This portable kit includes 16 non-sparking and non-magnetic handtools in a durable carry case. Made in USA of beryllium-free and corrosion-resistant aluminum-bronze alloys. Tools feature a lifetime warranty.

Uses: Ideal for working in volatile environments. Removes friction spark risks associated with steel tools in sites where combustible vapors, powders, liquids or residues are present. Applications include maintenance operations around explosives, automotive, fertilizer, sensitive magnetic equipment (MRI), and more.

Oil Absorbent Mats & Oil Drip Mats

garage mat truck

Description: The Abzorb Mat is the toughest, most durable mat we have. It has a non-penetrable backing and non-skid features. The top polypropylene side is super absorbent. Absorbs all fluids. Comes in a dark charcoal gray color to mask dirt and leaks. Can easily be cut in lengths required. Available in 3' and 6' widths up to 150'.

Uses: Use inside or outside. Use in walkways, under equipment, to protect office carpet, under vehicles, soaks up vehicle leaks, etc. Additional product information on order page. Order the Abzorb Mat now.

Oil Absorbent Booms

oil containment boom

Description: A poly sock skin filled with highly absorbent polypropylene with a strong mesh outer sleeve. Filler does not shed and booms will not sink when saturated with oil. Hardware with sturdy nylon rope ensures durability and easy retrieval. Booms can be linked together. They clip together with carbon steel connector hardware.

Uses: Use on water when you have oil to contain or soak up. Absorbs hydrocarbons only. Repels water. Floats on water. Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils. Additional product information on order page.

Also see our complete line of non-absorbent containment booms »

Oil Absorbent Pads & Roll

oil absorbent pads and rolls

Description: Our white oil absorbent pads and rolls are bonded ultrasonically with one layer of lint free spunbond fabric and one layer of meltblown polypropylene. Dimpled pattern speeds wicking to quickly soaks up oil. Retains its shape even when completely saturated. Perforated so you save money by using only what you need. Can be wrung out and reused.

Uses: Use on land and water when you have oil to soak up. Absorbs hydrocarbons only. Repels water. Floats on water. Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils. Additional product information on order page.

Oil Absorbent Socks for Oil Based Liquids (Repel Water)

oil sock

Description: White, oil only absorbent socks quickly soak up oil. Polypropylene filled and available in two sizes.

Uses: Use on land and water when you have oil to soak up. Absorbs hydrocarbons only. Repels water. Floats on water. Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils. Additional product information on order page.

Oil Absorbent Sweep

oil absorbent sweep

Description: Features nylon strap securely attached to durable multi-laminate white polypropylene mat. Sturdy construction. The folded sweep is 19"x100'.

Uses: Made to be used attached to sorbent booms to catch oily sheens that linger behind. Floats on water and will not sink. Absorbs hydrocarbons only. Additional product information on order page.

Oily Waste Containers

oily-waste-can-yellow-smlDescription: Our brightly colored oily waste disposal cans are available in red or yellow and feature a foot lever to open the lid. Constructed of polyethylene, these are designed to be compatible with most fuel and oil chemicals. These waste cans will help you comply with waste disposal regulations and will help prevent spontaneous combustion.

Available in 3 capacities: 6 Gallon, 10 Gallon and 14 Gallon. OSHA and FM Approved!

Uses: For any lab, garage, workshop or factory where oily rags, shaving and other chemical soaked disposables are used. The bright colors make them easy to find and with the foot operated lid, opening the can is easy and keeps the exterior of the can free of fingerprints and other markings.

Optimax I & II - Oil Spill Equipment Boom - Non-Absorbent

marine boom

For Rivers, Streams & Near Shore Where Fast Currents May Exist

Optimax I: Freeboard 7" Draft 12" | Optimax II: Freeboard 8" Draft 12

Description: Features closed cell foam buoyancy. Fitted with steel cables that provide high tensile strength for towing and fast water applications. Bottom tension is galvanized chain. Top tension galvanized cable.

This oil spill equipment boom is also fitted with handles and anchor points. Accessories include anchors, lights, repair kits, towing sets and reflectors.

Uses: Typically used in ports, harbors, rivers and estuaries. Ideal for fast currents and for long term deployments. More technical information on order page.

Outdoor Anti Fatigue Mat

outdoor anti-fatigue mat

Description: Outdoor anti-fatigue mats improve standing comfort and worker safety. Heavy-duty vulcanized rubber construction with non-skid surface. Suitable for all weather and temperature conditions. Lightweight and easy to carry design.

Uses: Increase all-day standing comfort for stationary road crew flaggers during traffic safety operations. Mats help alleviate leg, ankle, feet, back strain and body fatigue when standing on hard surfaces. This heavy-duty rubber mat can also improve worker productivity, wellness, and alertness.

Outdoor Drum Storage

Outdoor Drum Storage

Outdoor Safety Shower Station

wall mount outdoor drench shower

Description: Choose from 18 outdoor emergency shower station models. Suitable for hot and cold climates, with quick and easy operation. Plumbed wall and floor mount safety showers with self draining or freeze protection features ensure tepid water supply. Supports ANSI and OSHA safety equipment standards.

Uses: Install in outdoor work locations with challenging temperature conditions. Eliminate risks of water overheating and scalding in hot climates. Protect casualties from thermal shock or hypothermia in cold climates. Treat and minimize worker injuries to the body, face and eyes.

Overpack Drums

overpack drum

Overpack Drums 65 Gallon - 95 Gallon

Description: Constructed of high density polyethylene for strength and chemical resistance. UV resistant. Meet 3 psi pressure test for Salvage Drum Compliance. Drums are UN rated and comply with DOT requirements. They come with a metal bolt band and the lids provide a positive seal with the closed cell foam gasket.

Uses: For storage as containment tool, to hold soiled absorbents during clean-up, for transportation of containers with hazardous chemicals and for placing leaking containers of up to 55 gallons to contain the leakage. More information available on the product page.

Paint and Ink Chemical Storage Cabinets

Paint and Ink Chemical Storage Cabinet

Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian barricades with and without sheeting

Description: Pedestrian and crowd control barricades in orange or white polyethylene panels. Available with or without reflective sheeting. Choose between ADA-compliant or T-style steel legs. Lightweight for easy assembly, with six foot linking panels. Stackable and strong.

Uses: Create safe passage through workzones for sight impaired pedestrians, to meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Erect as crowd control barriers to limit foot traffic at large public gatherings and events.

Pesticide Storage Cabinets

Steel and Poly Pesticide Storage Cabinets

Pipe Repair Coupling - 1/2 Inch to 4 Inch Patches

pipe repair coupling kit

Description: 14-Piece stainless steel external patch kit with tools, gaskets, and metal carry case. Contains 10 sizes of repair clamp bandages for low pressure lines of 1/2in to 4in diameter. Choose standard steel or non-sparking tool pack.

Uses: Easily repair water, fuel, chemical, air and gas line leaks due to damaged or broken pipes. Suitable for use with a variety of pipe materials and lines up to 4in diameter. More details on product order page.

Pipe Repair Kit - Plug Type

plug type pipe repair kit

Description: 18-piece plug-type pipe repair kit with heavy-duty metal carry and storage case. Includes 10 vented and non-vented plugs of assorted sizes, discharge hose and valve assembly, plus all necessary installation tools.

Uses: Quickly repair leaks and breaks in open end pipes of 1/2in to 4in diameter. Plugs leaks in water pipes, gas meters, truck valves and more. Reroute hazardous liquids or gas under regulated flow for safe disposal or recovery. See more information on product order page.

Pipe Socks

Pipe sock sediment and oil filter

Description: Oil absorbing pipe socks made of non-woven geotextile. Removes hydrocarbons and sediment while allowing water to freely pass through. Available in 8in, 12in and 16in pipe diameter sizes.

Uses: An ideal solution for dewatering situations, such as containment berm, sump, and collection pond pump-outs. Prevent oil and debris from contaminating stormwater and ground during drainage. Great for construction, agricultural and other commercial industries.

Plastic Fuel Containers

type 1 red safety cans

Plastic fuel containers for the storage of flammable liquids come in two sizes: 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon.

These are Type 1 cans and are available in red.

An optional snap on funnel is available. These are made in the USA and they meet OSHA, NFPA and are FM Approved.

More information is available on the product page.

Plunger Cans

eagle plunger cans

For parts cleaning and other work with solvent, a plunger can is handy way to stay safe.

When you need a little more solvent on your rag or parts cleaning sponge, just press down on the plunger can and the can will dispense just what your need.

See detailed information on our product page.

Portable Drum Containment

Portable Spill Containment Berms

Portable Emergency Shower Station

portable safety shower eyewash station

Description: Portable tank and emergency showers for chemical exposure and decontamination.  Choose from many styles of mobile, self-contained safety shower equipment. Fast and easy operation.

Uses: Great for remote locations, temporary installation job sites, and work areas without reliable access to plumbing or electricity. Stage at construction, oil and gas fields, as well as accident sites. Rapid response to drench or decontaminate chemicals and hazardous substances from skin and body.

Portable Eyewash Stations

portable eyewash station for first aid

Description: Portable eyewash stations require no plumbing and are suitable for use indoors or out. Our self-contained eye wash stations are available with 10 to 15 gallon capacities. Gravity fed and pressurized units with quick and simple operation. Add optional insulation jacket to prevent water from freezing or overheating in outdoor work sites.

Uses: Dilute and flush hazardous substances from eyes and face to treat and prevent injuries. Ideal back-up safety solution for job sites without access to plumbed water lines.

Portable Incinerator

Portable Incinerator

Description: Portable, small scale incinerator that burns small batches hot and clean. Reduces 55 gallon drum waste to 3% ash without smell or smoke. Meets EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse.

Uses: An environmentally friendly way to save on waste disposal costs. Incinerate soiled absorbents, oil, paper, food waste and more.

Propane Cylinder Disposal

propane cylinder recycling system

Description: This eco-friendly propane cylinder recycling system converts canisters into a non-hazardous state. It safely filters propellant, removes sealing sleeves and internal valve stems from empty propane and calibration gas cylinders. Requires no power to operate. EPA compliant.

Uses: Reduce your business hazardous waste costs by diverting canisters from landfill. Recycle small propane tanks as scrap steel.

Rag Rug Industrial Absorbent Floor Mat


Description: Made from recycled polypropylene and acrylic fibers. Will stand up to high traffic use.
Absorbs all liquid fluids.

Uses: Use in walkways and under machinery. This industrial matting will absorb oil, coolants, solvents or just about any fluid to keep your walkways safe.
Additional product information on order page.

Railcars and Tankers Repair Tool - Large Holes

railcar and tanker repair patch kit for large holes

Description: A heavy duty 8-piece repair kit with large patch, support frame, bolts, and install tools. Comes in a metal storage and carry case. Patch installs on flat surfaces, or, its support bolts tighten and conform to concave shells.

Uses: First response for accident sites with tankers or railcars transporting large volumes of liquids. This patch provides an efficient temporary repair to minimize leaks and spills due to puncture damage, or, when tanker trucks roll over.

Railroad Containment Absorbent Track Mat

railroad track mat

Description: Our Rail Road Track Mat is layers of meltblown absorbent material that is top-layered with needle-punched felt for strength. The ground layer is poly-backed with a chemical-resistant material. UV resistant cover material. It comes in 59" rolls to fit between the rails and 19" rolls to fit on the outside of the rails.

Uses: Used to protect the bed of rail road tracks where chemical or hydrocarbon leaks might occur from rail cars. Used by rail road companies, transportation companies, utilities, factories, refineries and other industries when unloading or parking rail road cars.

Railroad Track Berms

Railroad Track Berms

Railroad Track Pans

railroad track pans composite 20ft model

Description: Two styles of modular Railroad Track Pans for railcar and spill containment. Easy-install without heavy equipment. Connect side or center pans at any length. Flow-through ports allow shared containment capacity. Pans come in either polyethylene (with a stormwater drain feature and covers), or a 20-foot long composite fiberglass (with optional grate decking). SPCC compliant. Pandrol compatible.

Uses: Capture hazardous spills from railroad tanker cars. An ideal spill containment system for locomotive maintenance facilities, at industrial rail sidings, or fueling stations. Install below-grade piping manifolds to route large spills to holding tank containment areas.

Reflective Sheeting

reflective sheeting and tapes

Description: High-visibility reflective sheeting and safety tape rolls in several widths. Orange, white or striped barricade sheeting in three grades: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade. Yellow caution tape plus red/white conspicuity tape for large vehicles. Easy to apply and cut to specific lengths. Weatherproof and durable.

Uses: Re-sheet traffic barricades, channelizer drums, delineators, or warning signs. Increase motorists' visibility of traffic safety products in all weather or lighting. Use caution tape to restrict work zone access.

Resizable Modular Containment Berm

resizable modular containment berm spill containment systemVersatile spill containment systems you can custom configure and re-use.

Roadside Weed Mat

highway weed mat

Description: Environmentally-friendly weed mats made of 100% recycled tire rubber. Heavy duty, UV-stabilized construction materials offer a 20+ year service life. Flexible weed block roadside mats contour to uneven ground surfaces and are simple to install.

Uses: Deploy under highway guardrails and sign posts for chemical-free weed control. Helps prevent soil erosion and weed growth. Maintains highway corridor visibility for road user safety.

Roll Rack Stands

roll racks for absorbent rolls

Description: Adjustable width horizontal A-Frame dispenser rack for absorbent rolls. Free standing unit with rust-resistant steel construction. Fits all rolls 15" and 30" wide. Can be assembled in minutes.

Uses: Keep rolls of absorbents clean, dry, tidy and off messy shop floors. Have easy access to absorbent rolls when you need them. Additional product information on order page.

Roof & Ceiling Leak Diverter Kits

Roof & Ceiling Leak Diverter Kit

Description: Pipe and Roof Leak Diverters are an economical and quick response for leaky ceilings or conduits. Vinyl-coated fabric in two styles: Square tarp for ceiling leaks or bucket-style for leaky pipes. Connect a standard garden hose to redirect and drain water away for temporary leak resolution.

Uses: Protects your premises, personnel, and property by preventing slip hazards and costly asset damage due to water leaks. Hang a Pipe Leak Diverter direct from conduit or attach a Roof Leak Diverter to ceiling. Additional product information on order page.

Rumble Strip

rubber rumble strips

Description: Recycled rubber rumble strips help alert motorists with sight, sound and sensation. Durable construction with jigsaw edge connectors for simple and fast assembly. Lightweight and stackable. Diamond patterning top and bottom surface grooves add traction grip. Three single strips connect to form a standard 12ft single lane highway width. For low speed road use only.

Uses: Deploy in work zones and other highway hazard areas to warn drivers about changing road conditions. Improve highway safety and reduce road crash accidents due to inattentive drivers. Ideal for safety check points, emergency traffic control situations and wherever flaggers operate during road maintenance.

Safety Cabinets - Wall Mount

Wall Mount Safety Cabinets

Safety Cone Rail System

safety cone rail and sign mount system

Description: Orange road cones with mounting slots for traffic safety signs or barriers. Durable high density polyethylene plastic construction measuring 42in high. Hollow base holds up to 23lbs of sand or water ballast. Stackable and lightweight for easy placement, transport or storage.

Uses: Ideal for a variety of road and traffic safety applications. Create temporary barriers and improve safety around work zone areas, school and street crossings. Attach small parking signs for parking lots or check-in zones.

Salvage Drums - Salvage Drum Solutions

poly salvage drums

Salvage Drums - 20 Gallon - 30 Gallon - 65 Gallon - 95 Gallon

Description: Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Purchase 20 gallon or 30 gallon size with metal lever lock closure or 65 gallon and 95 gallon with a metal band/bolt closure. UN and DOT rated. They have a UL94HB flammability rating. Operating temperature range -30°F to 130°F.

Uses: For use with damaged or leaking containers that contain hazardous waste. Also used for soiled absorbents that are contaminated with hazardous waste substance, for storage, as original shipping containers and for transport of all types of hazardous materials.

Secondary Containment Tanks


Our Flexible Secondary Containment Tanks are the more portable version of our containment tank line. Designed to be transported folded and assembled on site. Includes sturdy aluminum L-brackets to support the sides. Economical and portable. Available in 3 sizes: 275 Gallon, 500/550 Gallon and 1000 Gallon all with or without drain. Constructed of black polyethylene.

Uses: Use on jobsites where accessibility and/or portability of the containment tank is needed and is more convenient than our rigid models. Transportation and assembly is quick and easy on-site

Secondary Spill Containment Berm

Secondary Spill Containment Berm

Self-Rising Containment Berm

drive over spill containment berm

Simplex - Oil Booms - Non-Absorbent


For Shoreline and Coastal Protection | Freeboard 6" Draft 12"

Description: This is the industry standard for oil containment booms. Features a high buoyancy reserve provided by stable log floats. Light weight and reliable construction. Can easily be moved for boat traffic.

The boom is fitted with handles and anchor points. Heavy duty marine-grade connectors. UV resistant 22-ounce vinyl-coated polyester material.

Uses: For shoreline and coastal protection. Additional technical information on order page.

Single Drum Pallets

Pallets and Carts for One Drum

Smooth Vinyl Post Sleeves


Post Sleeves - Smooth - Yellow or Red - 4, 6 & 8 inch smooth post sleeves

Description: The new smooth post sleeves will fit 4", 6" and 8" posts and are available in 56" lengths. Order in red or yellow only. Made of high visibility, HDPE construction with UV inhibitors that resist fading, rusting or cracking just like the ribbed bollard covers. Can be trimmed for exact fit.

Uses: Use these smooth post sleeves on all of your posts. They will eliminate the cost of painting and protect vehicles and posts from damage.

Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads with Backing

cleanup absorbent pads

Description: LIMITED SUPPLIES - DISCONTINUED. The polybacked pad is made with two layers of fine fiber polypropylene that is bonded around a meltblown core with an impenetrable poly backing. The chemical resistant backing protects your hands and floor from most liquids. Retains its shape even when completely saturated. Perforated to save you money because you only use what you need.

Uses: Use as a general purpose absorbent. Absorbs all liquids including water-based liquids. Additional product information on order page.

Spill Containment Berm - Throw N' Go

Spill Containment Berm - Throw N' Go

Spill Containment Berm Dikes

ASPB10CS Spill berm Dike Ends

Description: Made of flexible 100% polyurethane. Easy to bend to fit any angle or curve. Non-absorbent and resistant to most chemicals. Sturdy and reusable. Clean with soap and water. Easy to connect several together for longer lengths. 10' lengths. Two types of Spill Containment Berm Dikes are available.

Uses: Use where ever you need to divert or contain (control) liquids. Not for extended use outdoors. Additional technical information on order page.

Spill Containment Berm Snap Up

Spill Containment Berm Snap Up

Spill Kit in 65 Gallon Drum Absorbs 50+ Gallons

65 gallon drum spill kit

Spill Kits - 95 Gallon Clean-Up Response Kit

95 Gallon Overpack Spill Kit

Spill Kits With Wheels

spill kit 50 gal mobile response

Spill Response Compliance - Manual

compliance manual

Spill Trays


Our small spill trays are like mini spill pallets because the can be used with grates if you choose. They are made with durable heavy duty polyethylene. Grates are optional. Ideal for containing spills and drips from small containers, batteries and drums up to 55 gallon size. The one, two and 4 drum spill trays do not have grates but are made with heavy duty polyethylene to hold up to 5000 pounds.

Uses: Use these spill trays for buckets, gas cans, batteries, single drums and dry cleaning waste containers to collect spills. Also ideal for containing leaks when working on machine parts. The large one, two and four drum spill trays are ideal for use when moving drums or for when you have a refilling or cleaning project and you need to keep spills off the floor.

Stainless Steel Cans


Constructed of 316 stainless steel in 24 gauge with electrically welded seams, these type 1 safety cans are available in 3 sizes.

Use with most alcohols, ethers and hydrocarbons, these cans feature stainless spark arrestors and spring loaded lids.

Stairs Safety Tape: Anti-Slip & Non-Slip Tape for Steps


Description: Two types of non slip tapes are available. 1) Our premium standard tapes and treads which come in a variety of colors and slogans. These are our top sellers. 2) Heavy duty tapes and treads that come in two colors with two types of grit. These are for harsh environments such as off shore marine, heavy equipment applications and areas were there is heavy traffic.

Uses: Stairs, ramps, wet areas, on equipment, vehicles, ladders, docks, on just about any location where you could have a potential slip and fall. Tapes are an effective low cost solution.

Static Resistant Oil Absorbent Pads & Rolls


Description: Specially treated single layer of oil only meltblown polypropylene pad. White in color. Repels water. Absorbs all oils and other hydrocarbons. Comes in a blue bag for quick identification when you need an anti-static pad.

Uses: Use for absorbing fuels that are volatile in cold applications, dry, low humidity areas or anywhere a potential for sparking exists. Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils. Repels water. Additional product information on order page.

Steel Bollard Posts


Steel Bollard Posts 4, 5 & 6 inch round and 6 inch square bollard posts.

Description: Bollard posts are made of 1/4" thick steel and are 42" high. Each post is mounted on a 3/8" steel plate that is pre-drilled with 3/4" holes for installation. Posts have a very durable baked on powder coat. Safety yellow color for high visibility. The post cabs are black HDPE and are included with each post. The bollard post can be filled with concrete for extra protection. Anchor bolts are not included.

Uses: Bollard posts add extra protection to your facility. Prevent damage to walls, corners, racks and equipment.

Steel Spill Pallets

Steel Spill Pallets

Storm Drain Blockers, Seals & Cover Mats

Drain Cover Seal and Spill Stopper and Blocker

Storm Drain Filter Inserts & Guards


Description: The Drain Filter Insert is made of a non-woven, polypropylene geotextile that is very absorbent and will not tear under normal use. The oil and sediment models will remove hydrocarbons and sediment. The trash and debris model is designed to catch larger items. One size fits most drains.

Uses: Use to keep oil and other contaminants from entering storm drains. Effective at industrial facilities, construction sites, parking lots, drive-up locations and retail locations. Additional technical information on order page.

Survivor Camouflage Absorbent Mat

camouflage mats and rolls

Description: The Survivor Camouflage absorbent mat is made with three layers of material. The top and bottom layers of polypropylene are ultrasonically bonded around a high-loft meltblown core. The top layer wicks liquids away into the center core where it is trapped.
The bottom layer is densely-woven strands of fine fiber to increase surface area. This enables the mat to grip the floor for safer walking. The camouflage series hides leaks and drips for longer use.

Uses: Use around machinery or on walkways. Additional product information on order page.

Tank Repair Kit

tank repair kit

Description: Advanced 43+ piece tank repair kit for small to large holes, cracks, punctures and more in drums/large containers. Available with a standard stainless steel or non-sparking tool pack. Includes a heavy-duty metal toolbox for storage and easy transport.

Uses: Fast response to repair surprise leaks in low-pressure plastic and steel tanks/drums. Quick application twin “T” patch and ladder patches seal forklift type tank punctures to preserve drum contents and protect your premises. Additional information on product order page.

Tank Repair Oversize Surface Plugs

tank repair plug kit

Description: Our basic 4-piece drum and tank repair kit includes three oversize surface plugs (Taper, T-Patch and Ball) for fast leak control. Kit contents come inside a handy, metal storage and carry case.

Uses: Temporarily seals tank leaks from puncture holes up to 3-inches, and tears of 3-to-9 inches. A must-have kit for staging onsite at drum storage facilities. See product order page for more details and item re-order form.

Traffic Barricades

traffic barricades type III

Description: Two styles of Type III Traffic Barricade kit systems. Easy to set up and disassemble. Available with metal/plastic uprights as well as metal or recycled rubber/steel bases. Heavy duty plastic rails come in 4 to 12 foot lengths with three styles of reflective sheeting. Barricades can bet set up to meet NCHRP-350 standards.

Uses: Type 3 barricades are ideal for road closures and general traffic safety applications. Erect in construction sites and work zones to help protect road crews.

Traffic Channelizer Drum

traffic channelizer drums

Description: Fade resistant and high visibility orange channelizer drums. Durable two-piece construction with breakaway design allows reshaping and redeployment of drum in event of collision damage. Choose between LDPE or LDPE drum and four interchangeable ballasting base styles. Built-in carry handle and barricade light mount holes. NTPEP tested and MUTCD-compliant.

Uses: Deploy for motorist and road safety applications such as lane closures. Set up as traffic channelizers or as a barrier around construction zones to protect road worker crews.

Traffic Cones

green and orange traffic cones

Description: We offer several style, height, and base weight orange or green safety cones that are MUTCD-compliant. Choose from durable polyethylene, PVC or flexible spring form cones with reflective sheeting to increase visibility in low light. Add optional bar and rail signage systems.

Uses: Road safety cones are suitable for a variety of applications in all weather conditions. Use traffic cones to create visual or physical barriers, and draw attention to road or pedestrian hazards. Improve safety in your work zone areas, school and road crossing locations, vehicle check-in areas, and parking lots.

Traffic Delineators

traffic delineators

Description: Various styles, height and weight delineator cones and tubes with high visibility reflective band options. Two-piece durable construction with LDPE stem and ballasting rubber base. Stackable and easy to handle designs. Compatible with telescoping bars to set up temporary barrier systems. MUTCD-compliant.

Uses: Improve motorist and pedestrian traffic safety. Increase site visibility for roofing or road work crews. Set up as traffic channelizers or delineate road lane closures. Cordon off construction zones. Warn of hazards.

Trench Drain Filter

Trench drain filter boom for oil contaminants

Description: This trench drain filter features an oil-absorbing non-woven geotextile construction. It effectively removes hydrocarbons from surface water without restricting flow into channel drains. Suitable for drive-over vehicle traffic and measures 3" dia. x 8ft long.

Uses: Prevents oil and other hydrocarbons from entering and polluting stormwater runoff. Position across trench drains in parking areas, commercial fueling stations, and other industrial sites with trench drainage systems.

Type II Safety Cans

type 2 safety gas can

Eagle Type II safety containers feature two openings: one for refilling and one for dispensing. Each opening is safety protected with a brass flame arrestor.

These are Type 2 cans and are available in red, blue, green and yellow in 2 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

A flexible 10" spout is included. These are made in the USA, meet OSHA, NFPA and are FM Approved.

More information is available on the product page.

Universal Absorbent Booms for Water

universal absorbent boom for water

Description: Universal absorbency booms for water and other liquid spills. Highly absorbent polypropylene filler inside a durable gray poly sock with a mesh outer sleeve. Link booms together using nylon rope and carbon steel connector hardware for custom length spill solutions. Booms measure 10' x 5" or 8" dia and absorb up to 9.5 gallons each.

Uses: Deploy around spills on land to contain or soak up water, oils, coolants, and solvents. Absorb liquid leaks, condensation, and more. Prevent accidents or injury by keeping your workplace clean and dry.

Universal Absorbent Pads & Industrial Absorbent Rolls

absorbent pads

Description: This gray absorbent pad is made of one layer of lint-free spunbond fabric that is ultrasonically bonded to one layer of meltblown polypropylene sorbent. Dimpled pattern allows pad to quickly soaks up liquids. Keeps it shape even when completely saturated. Perforated so you save money by using only what you need. Gray color masks dirt for longer use.Can be wrung out and reused. Flame resistant in original state, will melt when exposed to high heat.

Uses: This general purpose absorbent comes in pad and roll. Great for everyday maintenance, repair and general operations. Absorbs all water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, MEK, hexane, trichloroethylene, etc. Additional technical information on order page.

Universal Absorbent Pillows

general purpose absorbent pillow

Description: Our gray universal absorbent pillows are filled with super absorbent polypropylene to soak up spills fast.

Can be wrung out and reused. Available in two sizes.

Uses: This general purpose absorbent pillow can be used for everyday maintenance, repair and general operations. Absorbs water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, MEK, hexane, trichloroethylene, etc.

Additional technical information on order page.

Universal Absorbent Socks (General Purpose)

universal absorbent socksDescription:Much like oil absorbent pads, our gray universal absorbent socks are filled with super absorbent material to soak up spills fast. Can be wrung out and reused. Water socks available in three sizes.

Uses: This general purpose absorbent sock can be used for everyday maintenance, repair and general operations. Absorbs water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, MEK, hexane, trichloroethylene, etc. Additional technical information on order page.

Universal Small Leak Control Kit

universal small leak control kit

Description: 36-piece kit with tools and materials for small leak control of low pressure container and pipe leaks. Portable toolbox contains wood wedges, putty, epoxy, pipe repair tape and plug rugs.

Uses: Quickly control common leak scenarios like cracks, holes, and punctures in pipes, drums and other vessels. Suitable for repairs on a variety of material types including metal and plastics. Makes an excellent addition to other workplace emergency response kit equipment. See more details on order page.

Utility Trays

utility trays

We carry a complete line of utility trays to cover all needs you may have. Two are made of polyethylene for general use and for under racks. Our flexible model is made of 18 ounce PVC so it folds up for easy storage. All models can be easily cleaned and will last for years.

Uses: There are many, many uses for utility trays. Use them to catch drips from machinery or vehicles, when transferring liquid from one container to another and you can store containers on utility trays so if they leak they do not run all over. Used to keep spills and drips off your floors.

Vertical Panel Barricades

vertical panel barricades

Description: Easy to handle vertical barricades with high visibility safety messaging or diagonal striping. Choose from three grades of reflective sheeting on orange or white impact resistant plastic panels. Available in two styles with different rubber base weights and panel widths.

Uses: Alert of road hazards like speed bumps and work zones. Increase driver and pedestrian safety in parking lots. Use in high foot traffic locations like schools and churches. Improve worker safety with in-plant applications.

Wall Protectors - Wall Protection

wall protectors

Wall Protectors - Wall Protectors in 6" & 10" widths.

Description: Wall protectors are made of high density polyethylene. These yellow colored guards can be mounted end to end. They come in sets of two sections that are 42" long for each section. You can purchase 6" or 10" widths. Depth of wall protectors is 2". Anchors are not included.

Uses: Use to protect your walls from drums, forklifts and hand trucks. Use in drum storage areas, on loading docks or any where you have pallets against the wall.

Water Absorbent Pads & Rolls

absorbent pads for water caution mat pads and rolls

Description: Our caution mat absorbent pads and rolls provide two benefits in one, with a high-visibility design that alerts workers about potential safety hazards and also keeps floors dry for easy clean up. Made of durable polypropylene material with an abrasion-resistant top layer.

Uses: Use as a general purpose universal absorbent on all spills. Suitable for water and other liquids including gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, ethanol, mineral spirits and more. Additional product information on order page.

Water Containment Booms & Barriers - Non-Absorbent


For Shallow and Calm Waters | Freeboard 4" Draft 6"

Description: For calm, shallow water areas. Very lightweight and can easily be transported. Fitted with a cylindrical closed cell foam float and has galvanized ballast chain.

Conforms to OPA90 specs. Available in 25 foot, 50 foot and 100 foot lengths. Each section is fitted with sturdy, marine grade, aluminum quick connectors.

Uses: For calm water in small streams, canals, roadside ditches and shallow water areas. For more technical information see order page.

Water Filled Barriers

water filled barriers

Description: Water filled barriers for work zone and crash safety. Different styles of heavy duty orange or white plastic panels with or without internal steel cables. Optional fence, screening and gate installation. MASH tested and NCHRP 350 eligible for T-1, T-2, T-3 barrier and barricade applications. Six foot linking panels are stackable and strong for easy assembly and transport.

Uses: An excellent alternative to concrete barriers in work zones and roadways. Increase vehicle, pedestrian and worker safety. Create a secure barrier fencing system to prevent entry or restrict site access to construction sites. Deploy as crowd control at sporting events, or, use as airport barricades.

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